Refund Policy

We understand that there can sometimes be errors and discrepancies in transctions. Our refund policy is as follows.

Cancelled Payments

In the event of a payment cancellation on our end, we do not charge you. Upon a successful checkout, we only secure a pre-authorization. If we are unable to process your phone refill, we cancel the pre-authorization and you are not charged. You will see the pre-authorization drop within one to three business days. Do not worry if you still see the PhoneBillNow charge on your bank account or credit card statement, as it will disappear in that timeframe. Your funds will be returned as per your bank funding schedule.

Refill Not Received

If you have not received your refill from us and it has not been cancelled, please contact us immediately and we will investigate the issue for you. If there are any issues with the refill, we will refund you immediately. While it is an instant refund on our end, your bank may not reflect it for one to three business days.

Payment Not Authorized

If you were charged by our company, PhoneBillNow, and you did not authorize any such transactions, please contact us immediately. We will investigate the payment after checking your information. All transactions done on our platform capture identifying details of the user. This information is relayed to the banks to verify against fraudulent activity.